Let’s Get Started

A summer music program where young musicians learn about and perform big band and combo jazz.


Sunday, June 9 – 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm – Jazz Immersion and Sammy K’s Groove Boot Camp


Sammy KSammy K’s Groove Boot Camp
Drummers get started with Sammy K’s Groove Boot Camp

  • An intensive Drum Set session where you’ll learn skills needed to perform in a Big Band and beyond
  • This comprehensive basic training session is built on Sammy’s 25 years of experience working with Drum Set students


Jazz Immersion
Horn players, piano, guitar and bass players, and vocalists start out in Jam Sessions

  • Jam with Jazz Labs Dayton Teaching Artists
  • Get some practice soloing in a group setting
  • Hang with some of the other cats you’ll be playing with all week


Placement in Ensembles

We’ll spend some time getting to know you so we can place you in ensembles with others close to your playing level. You won’t need to prepare a piece ahead of time. Camp Staff will come to get you from your jam session and escort you to a performance room, where you will:


  • Meet a Jazz Labs Dayton Teaching Artist
  • Play through the scales you know
  • Try reading a lead sheet or big band part
  • Take a stab at playing a solo
  • Show your instructor any writing or arranging you have brought with you

THEN you will go BACK to the jam session where you came from and continue the fun!


Before you leave on Sunday everyone will get together for a Camp Orientation

  • Find out all the details about the schedule for the week
  • Meet the Jazz Labs Dayton Teaching Artists
  • Ask any questions you may have about your experience this coming week